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The Crossing by Kybral
by Kybral

This really made my day, here in my Country, the Church doesn't allow homosexual relationships and is served as a sin towards God. But,...

Pink hair girl animation by ReVercetti

Hmm... I'm not really an expert on...critiques and Animation stuffs.... but Heres what I can say.... Overall... I loved it, it's cute.....

..Fluff Fluff Away..VERSION 2 by koruldia

uwa... umm this is the first time i'll be a...critique on a work of yours XD So far its cute, and fluffy (just like the fun title~) and...


"(y/n)? What's wrong..." He immediately ran to her. 

She kept sobbing, soon she felt his strong arms wrap around her.

"Shh... (y/n) don't cry, please don't cry... tell me what's wrong."

"E-Eri... Eri is going to be taken away from me... He's going to be taken away from me Levi! I DON'T WANT TO LOSE HIM LEVI!! It happened so fast, I didn't know what to do! She was trying to sue me for kidnapping the child! Levi, I don't want to lose Eri..."

A pang of thoughts ran through his mind. Half of him seemed to realize something, maybe the kid Petra was talking about was-

No... it's impossible...

"Mommy?" A half-asleep child seemed to be woken up by the light noise, Eri walked towards his mother and hugged her from behind. "Mommy don't cry... Levi will fight the monsters for you, and Mommy will be alright..." he yawned, hearing this seemed to make her cry some more. 

Levi walked up to the little Eri and picked him up, "I'll tuck him in." he said, earning a soft thank you from her.


"Is mommy okay?" The little one asked as Levi tucked him into his bed.

"Mommy will be alright Eri... She will be okay..." He said rather kindly.

A yawn escaped from Eri's lips and his eyes slowly closed shut... "Be my Mommy's prince... Daddy..." he had fallen asleep, hearing those words made Levi's heart drop a bit, but he still had to confirm this. So... he picked up his phone and immediately dialed Petra's number.

//What is it dear?//

"Stop calling me dear"

//then get to the point Levi, why did you call me?//

"How did you find the mother or our goddamned child?"

//Wait, you're curious about that? I can't belie-//

"Just fucking tell me!"

//Ugh. Fine. By the time I abandoned that brat I ran behind some trees to see if anybody could find the fucking kid. But then, there's this lady who eventually found where I had placed the baby and immediately took him, she looked like a mess after she rummaged through the dumpster- hahahaha! -and then I followed her.//

Fuck...Dumpster?, So Eri really is my fucking son. Goddamnit.

"So this Girl... is she (h/c)?"

//Yeah, wait how do you kno-//

Levi had cut her off, it seemed rude but he already had all his questions answered, by the time he came to check on (y/n), she was fast asleep on the couch. All that stress must have made her so tired, I'll fix this crap somehow... but why would Petra need the child anyway? Fuck Levi... you're a fucking journalist and you can't even fucking find out the fucking things that you fucking need? damn... What a fine day this is...

He rubbed his temples in frustration, He scooped the sleeping figure up in his arms and also tucked her into bed, he whispered, "Everything will be okay (y/n), I will fix everything... I promise... I-I Love you... (y/n)..."


The morning Eri would be taken away had arrived, and Petra was already outside honking her horn. 

"Mommy! Don't let her take me away from you! I don't want to go!!!" Eri's voice was heard from outside, a small smirk appeared on her lips and she slowly walked up the steps of the house, She imagined that her home looked like a dump from the inside too, judging that the (L/n)s live in a ghetto. But what she didn't expect was to see the house sparkling clean and a very familiar figure stand beside the very woman who was in current custody of the child.

"Levi? what the hell are you doing here? especially in this filthy house?" Petra said.

"Tch. Mind your own business will you Petra, I won't let you take away a child from his parent."

"But I AM his parent Levi!"

"A Parent is the one who raises their kid up in a very loving environment, you however, threw him in a dumpster for fuck's sake!"


"Well? (y/n) was a young girl when she found the fucking child and look at the brat now? DO YOU FUCKING SEE A MALNOURISHED, SLEEP-DEPRIVED LITTLE HUMAN STANDING BESIDE HER? NO! What the fuck were you thinking Petra? trying to rip apart a relationship between a mother and child! God!" He took a peek at (y/n) and Eri, who were both in tears, Petra already had her mouth shut and Levi drew a quick but deep gist of air. "Please Petra, I'm begging you, If you want to start again with me, then please tell me, just don't touch them... ever." 

The ginger's eyes soon were flooded with tears and quickly turned her back against the people whom she had hurt, she lost her child because of her foolishness, she nearly had a future with the man she clearly loves, now he's lost too because of her selfishness and insensitivity, 'What should I do? I didn't mean to hurt them, I thought doing this will bring me back my child and Levi... start over with another future, but... I can clearly see that he already loves this woman, who coincidentally is the foster parent of my child... I need to.. clear my head...'

"I-I'm sorry..." with that she left, Levi wanted to chase after her, but the priority he has now needs him.

"Are you two alright?" he asked, immediately running to hug them, he may be stoic, rude, and the list goes on and on, but when it comes to the matters of the heart, he chose to follow it, it's what his gut tells him.

"We're fine Levi... and Thank you" she pulled him in, her embrace was like a child clinging to a stuffed toy, it was sweet but tight, and Levi well... he can manage "O-Oi c-can't f-fffuckkhing brrreaaatthee!" She and the little boy giggled as the short guy struggled to regain some air. 

'This scene was a great one, after such tears were shed, they managed to bring out a smile, even though things were still unresolved with Petra, maybe after having a short moment with family might be good for me...' He finally smiled 'Family huh... can't hurt to love again  like this'

In Her Eyes: Levi x Maid!Reader pt. 5
Dedicated to my long lost sister Bea Cotelo. XD Dude... finally I get to meet you irl!

Okay, back to business. I'M ASKING YOU READERS!!! Do you want a dramatic ending? or a simple fluffy happy endingBunny Emoji-86 (Sneaky) [V5] ? ofcourse... I have to put a resolve for poor dear Petra and her messed up life, LOL I don't want too much hate to pour into her. ^_^

THANK FOR READING GUYS! The next chapter will be the Last one! Icon - 205 Fox 

Any suggestions and feedback is welcomed. THANKS!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Lovely Mode) [V6] 

Credits to Isayama Hajime, he made such great characters for snk. 
Okay guys, I'm asking for suggestions here, It's been a while since have been on dA and my friend IRL said that I should limit art (and fanfic) requests to friends only. One of my watchers suggested that I should open commissions, in which I decided will be only cheap, ranging from 5-20 pts. (Is that okay?).

Not all my art is posted here on dA, since I'm mostly active on Facebook and Instagram.

If I do decide to open commissions, I PROMISE I'll do my best (I mean that kind of best that if I'm not satisfied... I'll do it over and over again). If you are following me on instagram, I post most of my 'scribbles' art there (which I will be soon posting here on dA)

So please let me hear your feedback about this, and to all of my senpais out there... I NEED YOUR Help ^_^
Okay if all of you are wondering, well me and my classmate Rukiza-chan06 has been busy with our Giant Puppet Project since monday this is for Bacolod City's Maskara festival. LOL dance 

Here's the 'in the making' pictures from this week. oh and Rukiza-chan will also be posting pictures in her dA too. LOLKill La Kill Icon: Mako 

Just for you my awesome watchers HAHAHAHAHHA.APH Italy Roll Squeal 

LOL Btw. me and Rukiza are in different groups, they'll be making Johnny Depp's Captain Sparrow. hihihihi while My team is making Homer Simpson <3 yay

I'll be editing the journal later when I'm at my house. I was borrowing a laptop from a classmate in our free time yay!!!! 

LOLUntitled by Keira-GiordanoUntitled by Keira-GiordanoUntitled by Keira-GiordanoUntitled by Keira-GiordanoUntitled by Keira-Giordano

10625084 802904379731052 2833908280689902133 N by Keira-Giordano

yep. dat's me. XDDD

10257045 802917013063122 1234528755983655100 N by Keira-Giordano

Shoutout to all my classmates! (fr. L-R)

Justin (Ironman tee), Vanessa (blue), Veronica (PE tee), Ion (Black shirt), Nazary (Orange pants), Me (with the bonnet) and Kathryn (Floral blouse.)

Just saying Hi! hahaha 

S.M. to our leader Maiian. Thank you for taking up the responsibility of being BSARCH1A team Simpson's Rep. LOL You know we Love you!!!!Groot 


BarEliya This is what we've been doing for the past week. I hope you're not angry with me for being absent. 

oh P.S. I'm writing chapter 5 of my current series "In her Eyes.." hahahahahhahahahahahaha just a heads up.APH Russia Done! 
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Damn you. XDD naahhhhh it's okay. XDDD


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2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
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10 Things About Me:

Well, I am an Architecture student who writes fanfics and draws stuff when I'm not busy with my plateworks (or exams)

2. I am an early riser (except if i'm really fucking tired) I usually wake up at 4 in the morning just to check my FB and dA

3. Double Dutch is my Favorite flavor of IceCREAM! <3

4. I never had a boyfriend, It's either I got friendzoned or I'm in a (sweet) flirtationship.

5. I am addicted to the mobile phone game 2048, so far my highest tile so far is 2048... (yeah I suck, got a problem with that? :P)

6.I used to smoke. but I stopped when I entered college and stuff and only smoke on holidays or with family.

7. I have this huge 'thing' for young teachers and cute guys who wear glasses.

8. To me, my ideal partner knows how to withstand my craziness and insane decisions. (I'm like a real life yandere, but... milder. LOL)

9. I don't know how to study. (seriously.) I usually depend on stored knowledge I get from listening to class, whenever I try to study, I read dem books and poof it's gone. 

10. for the 'nth' time... I HATE PEANUT BUTTER! It sticks to the roof of my mouth and I really hate the taste and smell of it. 

Ria-Sora27's Questions:

1.    Any anime you like besides Shingeki no Kyojin?

-> I like Hetalia <3 hiihihihihihiihihihihihihihiihihhiihhi and Angel Beats. ^_^

    2.    Any favourite bands? (As many as you like..)

-> Paramore, OneOKrock, Babymetal, My Chemical Romance and PERFUME! <3

    3.    Top 5 favourite anime guys.
~> Levi <3
~> Prussia
~> Jean Kirstein
~> Erwin Smith
~> Austria

    4.    Top 5 favourite anime girls.
~> Mao (from Taiyou no ie)
~>Lichtenstein (hetalia)
~>Tachibana Kanade
~> Ushio Okazaki
~> Hanji Zoe!

    5.    Favourite anime songs.
~Ichiban no Takaramono, Guren no Yumiya, DOA, Bauklotzen, Fruits Basket, This LOVE, Aozora no namida. 

    6.    Are you an anime otaku, game otaku or both?
~I guess both, hehe

    7.    Do you know Kingdom Hearts? If so, who is your favourite character?
~I know kingdom hearts but I never played it, and I don't really have a Fave. (Not yet~)

    8.    What do you think of Farlan and Isabel of Gaiden Kuinaki Sentaku? La la la laLa la la la
~Farlan is so cute while I can see myself in Isabel LOL I am a bit childish too.

    9.    What do you think of the trailer for “A CHOICE WITH NO REGRETS?” Are you excited for its first release on December 9? 
~I was like.... "OH SHIT I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!" yep. like that.

   10. Have you finished reading “Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden: Kuinaki Sentaku?” If yes, tell me your fave part/chapter. If no, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY FINISH IT!! I RECOMMEND IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY AN OCEAN!!! (I can’t stop crying myself..*sniff*)

~not yet!!!!! DAYUM!!!!! I'm A BIT LOW ON AMMO FOR FREE TIME!!!!! 


OKay I tag: BarEliya  cookieROCKS  animatryx SilentReaper  The-Doodle-Ninja  shoujodere Rukiza-chan06 PrinceOfRedroses AllyArlert  MelonCubes 

I randomly select the tags. ^)^

My Questions:

  1. Do you like Jpop or Kpop?
  2. What do you do on your free time?
  3. Are you in College? If so, What major did you choose? if not, What will you choose?
  4. What do you think of me?
  5. if in need of inspiration what do you usually do?
  6. Ideal Breakfast.
  7. Favorite Icecream flavor?
  8. LOL I'm out of questions. Any random thoughts?
  9. Do you use all of your fingers when typing?
  10. If you could marry a 2d guy, who will it be?


Keira-Giordano's Profile Picture
Maomi Usami
Artist | Student | Literature
I'm on Instragram:

I'm Currently taking up BS in Architecture in La Consolation College - Bacolod City, and a Proud member of UAPSA (United Architects of the Philippines - Student Auxiliary) and a Freshman in the ARFIEN Dept.

I used to do Hetalia inserts, but due to lack of inspiration. I stopped. I feel so Ashamed... SORRY!

Currently I'm making Snk Fanfics, since its my recent focus of interest and my current Favorite ^_^ I enjoy writing them so much!

Thanks for the non-stop Support guys!!!

BTW these guys are AWesome: :iconsmexylevilover: :iconintheskygirl:

My DeviantArt Family!

Brother: :iconelzikiel:
Sister: :iconstripedcarrotcake:

Mah BESTIE!: :iconrukiza-chan06:
Okay guys, I'm asking for suggestions here, It's been a while since have been on dA and my friend IRL said that I should limit art (and fanfic) requests to friends only. One of my watchers suggested that I should open commissions, in which I decided will be only cheap, ranging from 5-20 pts. (Is that okay?).

Not all my art is posted here on dA, since I'm mostly active on Facebook and Instagram.

If I do decide to open commissions, I PROMISE I'll do my best (I mean that kind of best that if I'm not satisfied... I'll do it over and over again). If you are following me on instagram, I post most of my 'scribbles' art there (which I will be soon posting here on dA)

So please let me hear your feedback about this, and to all of my senpais out there... I NEED YOUR Help ^_^

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