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The Crossing by Kybral
by Kybral

This really made my day, here in my Country, the Church doesn't allow homosexual relationships and is served as a sin towards God. But,...

Pink hair girl animation by ReVercetti

Hmm... I'm not really an expert on...critiques and Animation stuffs.... but Heres what I can say.... Overall... I loved it, it's cute.....

..Fluff Fluff Away..VERSION 2 by koruldia

uwa... umm this is the first time i'll be a...critique on a work of yours XD So far its cute, and fluffy (just like the fun title~) and...


            I stared out of my red stained window, thinking of his cool blue eyes and clean groomed hair, how can someone be so flawed with height and advantageous with skill? I remembered seeing my good friend Levi showing off how good of a soldier he is on the battlefield, soon those happy nostalgic thoughts were interrupted by someone who came knocking at my door.

"(y/n)? Are you in there? Can I come in?"

I turned to see who was at the door, there I saw Eren, before he came into the army, he was a nobleman from eastern Germany, when his parents both died from his father's work, he later joined the ranks here in Austria, as Levi's underling in the Austrian army. Seeing him here wearing the dashing tux I gave him made that little crush I have on him leap a league higher.

"You ready?" He nodded " Yes, let's go."

We were headed off to a formal ball my friend Hanji always held after the last leaf of fall touches the ground. It was an old tradition in the Zoe family, but as soon as she became heir to their bloodline's fame and fortune, she always topped it off a notch.

"It's getting colder Eren." He took off his coat and cuddled me with it's warmth.

I smiled back at him; 
I snuggled up to the brunette as he arched his hand around my shoulders, leaving me to shiver in his embrace

 "I could feel you trembling, just remember I'm always here to fight off what's been bugging you. You could always just tell me what problem you are facing and I shall make it disappear unto mid air right before your eyes"

It was always his kind words that gave me hope every time the cold starts taking it's toll on the earth.  I felt myself giggle as  his lips turn kiss my cold forehead, minutes later, I could hear the driver's voice when the carriage stopped.

 "Milady, we have arrived to the ball, please be careful on your way off, you might slip. The ice has been building up unto the rocks."

I nodded at him and said in reply, "Thank you Hannes, Eren will be able to carry me down."

The driver smiled back at me as Eren brought me to the ground, I could already hear Armin playing Chopin with such sensational melody from outside. I could also hear a slight irritating giggling sound, Hanji.
"Mao! You came! And you look beautiful in that silver dress, it really matches winter's hue" Krista was with her tonight, I wonder why the two were together? There I could feel a strong aura emitting from the brunette though, Hanji looked sharply at Eren like there was something wrong.
"You look happy! Did you do something to (y/n) again? I'll make you my new lab rat if you did!" The bespectacled woman puffed out her cheeks before throwing herself into a laughing fit, her unusualness made Hanji, Hanji.

"Don't worry Eren, she is kind of moody today." the blonde replied,

"No I'm not!" Hanji then walks away, grabbing Erwin along and telling him to dance with her.

"She acts like a child, but the truth is, She really doesn't like seeing you two together"

Eren pulled off a blank face.

"What do you mean by that?"

She grinned at me and said 
"it's a secret!"

I blushed when she said those words, I could tell what she meant by 'secret' those two all know too well about my infatuation towards another guy,  "Well... There is nothing we could do about that."

"I guess..." Eren smiled at me and kissed my forehead again "You two should go join the dance, I think I'll search for Ymir and also ask her to dance with me, Excuse me" she bowed and left. Eren held out his hand towards me.
"Dance with me Mao, I shall be your escort for tonight"
"Only for tonight?" I replied jokingly  "could you be my escort for all eternity?"
He grinned and tilted his head "I won't be your escort for All eternity because I won't be a good husband if I would stay a suitor in front of you." I actually did not expect that answer, The fact that he was asking for my hand indirectly completely bypassed my head, and here I go again, staying silent, unable to respond to his confession.

He led me on to the center, all eyes were on us. The tune played at a slower rate, and we were forced to dance the waltz. As we turned and twirled around the dance floor, I couldn't help but catch someone's glance towards me, blushing a bit, I leaned towards Eren and whispered, "Eren, Did you notice that Levi keeps looking at us as if he wants to dance with me? How about you call him here."

He looked grim at me, of course who would want to switch his beautiful partner to a man whom he looks upon as his scary superior?
"Oh c'mon, don't worry I'm still your date, Levi looks like he doesn't have a dance partner. how about you ask Sasha for a waltz, it seems she wants to dance with you too"
I smiled as I returned my gaze towards the stoic man. This new confidence of mine triggered a flame inside me, and boy, Levi looked lovely in a blue suit. He walked up towards my side and examined my features.

"You look stunning miss (y/n), I thought you were going to dance with that brat..."

I took his hand and stepped forward. 
"Please, save me the humor Levi, I saved you a dance, now dance."
He made a small invisible smirk and placed his hand on my waist
"You're not half bad at this dancing thing, maybe you'll be my dance partner every time there is a ball to attend" he said.
"Oh look, that brat is glaring at us." He sarcastically whispered
"Sshh.... Don't mind him, just enjoy the dance with me." I said.

He took a quick glance at the lady who just arrived at the ball, Petra. Darn, She looked good in that peach pastel dress, but I couldn't stand it if she's in the same room , maybe he... Likes her? Nah... Not in a million decades right? Just... Maybe he does, I should ask him...
"If you're interested in Petra, I don't really mind if you want to switch partners"
He was shocked, maybe it was a bad Idea, but after I had let go of his hand, He sighed.

"Tch." he rolled his eyes and shuffled away to Petra's side. Eren ran back to me and continued the dance.
"why do you look so sad my love?"
What's with this 'Love' thing? when did he start calling me that, I looked back at Levi, seeing him hesitatingly take the harlot's hand made me feel depressed, its as if the world is falling in front of my eyes. I scanned my eyes again through the crowd, am I finding some sort of excuse to leave?

"It's nothing Eren, but I need to rest for awhile... all this dancing made me a bit tired" There's my answer... And it's an annoying one. "Go to her."
He looked at me and asked, "her?"
I smiled, "Mikasa, she's supposed to be your fiancé right?"
"Yes, but that's a political marriage, I could call it off anytime, I want you (y/n), I lov-"


 I frowned and left his side; I escaped outside and tried to catch my breath, I can't find Levi or Hanji anywhere.

Eren never hesitated to dance with Mikasa, he doesn't want to disobey any of my orders. He never loved her but it felt irritating every second that he spends it with her.

My head throbbed and my chest is starting to ache, what should I do? I got into Hanji's garden to get away from the crowd.
My head hurts so much, it feels like I'm going to faint any minute now. 
Though my sight is getting blurry, I could see a short gentleman walking slowly towards me, but I walked further to avoid him, I knew deep in my heart I'm nearly in love with that man, but it felt as if Eren already owned my heart. My chest had hurt, and it made breathing harder. I wished I could have called anyone for help but it was too late. I was too far away from the party and the last thing I saw was Levi, panicking. Everything got dark in a split second as I knelt on the stone pavement. I even held on to the walls of the fountain behind me. My hands were damp and it started to rain, all I could do is lay here and close my eyes.


I slightly opened my peepers. All I could see is someone sleeping on a chair with his head laying on the side of the bed, I looked around to see where I am, but I couldn't recognize the room.
 "Good morning Brat"
Now that he rose his head, I could recognize his face.
I sighed, thank god it wasn't Eren.
"tch, If you told me that you weren't feeling well, I wouldn't have a near-death cardiac arrest after seeing you lying on the floor."

 I looked at him with a long, tired face.
 "How did you know?"

He Scratched his head. 
"I had Hanji examine you last night. Oh, and Eren called me last night by Tele. I told him about what happened and He told me to take care of you while he is away with his fiancé on a trip to Paris"
Paris! He told me he would take me there. But no! He would take her! God!

I looked at him and kissed his cheek. "Thank you for helping a damsel in distress last night."

He then slightly turned red and looked away.
"Don't mention it. I didn't really care anyway."
 I smiled, as if it'll reach to the corners of my ears, but why did it hurt when he said those words? I heartily looked into his eyes and said, "Levi? Since Eren is, can you accompany me today?"
 I don't know why I said it but, it felt right. Every time I would get out and enjoy the day without work, Eren would be there to accompany me, plus, I'd like to know what it feels like hanging out with the 'serious cold guy'

"Where do you want to go?"
It gave me light, the kind of light where everything I'd bright and beautiful.
"Anywhere! Anywhere you want!"
I smiled wider, I never thought that Levi would ever begin to openly talk to me, well... we weren't this close back then. I never realized until this moment that he was this kind of guy who is actually sweet and gentle (on most days).
"There is this place downtown where fruits isn't that scarce and a friend of Erwin sells fruit juice in glass bottles. It's pretty good if I say so myself."
He kept his cool face still. "I'd love to go there!"

"Well, (y/n), better hold on tight, I'll be using my bike"
He ran up to the back of his carriage and there comes out a bicycle, those newly invented vehicles were extraordinary. He picked me up and carried me on his back and swooped down the slope into the western part of town.

"Wow! this is delicious!"
He stopped and looked at me like something is wrong with my face, he then took a napkin and wiped crumbs off my lips. I blushed a flush of pink whilst he showed a sly smirk.
"It's late, Let me take you home."
It slightly broke my heart, Why does this day have to end? Can I spend a little bit more time with him?
"Um... Levi? Could I stay at your place again for the time being? Just until Eren is back. I'm scared of getting sick again. Besides, I'm all alone in the manor. Who could take care of me?"
"Tch. Fine. But just until your 'beloved' Eren is back" he replied, clearly with a hint of irritation.

After we arrived at back at his house, we both had our dinner. Then, he helped me up the staircase and escorted me to my room, that was when It started to get awkward.
"Thank you for the date, I had a great time"
" ..."
As he stood there silently, I stepped up close to his face and placed a kiss on his soft lips, there I knew... I have started to fall deeper for him.
I closed and locked the door leaving him to melt on the other side of this wooden obstruction.

Morning came and it seemed like forever for Levi to realize that I love him.
And this is all it took for him to hit the thought in his head...

A knock on my door made me wake from my deep slumber,
"Good morning brat, what do you want to eat?"
He asked, with a stoic facade. As soon as he opened the door, I ran and grabbed him inside and locked the room.
I lied down and pulled his tie towards me, we were now inches away from each other.
"Levi. I..."
He immediately stopped my words with a kiss, He pulled open the ribbon that was holding my night gown and I unbuttoned his shirt. He started to smirk wider.
"Why don't we close the shades (y/n)." he told me,
"That might be a good idea"
He was bare backed and his body was beautiful. I couldn't stop watching him. Wow, it was so early in the morning, I never thought that I would get laid this early, but I was happy.

I woke up in the middle of the afternoon locked in his arms. I would've had enjoyed the whole midday in his embrace but 
he maid outside kept calling for him. It seems there was a visitor waiting for him downstairs. So he got up and pulled his trousers up to see who would like to do business with him.

"Eren..." His cold cobalt eyes narrowed, annoyed by his sudden appearance.
"Where is Milady?" He asked, searching the short man's clean living room, later, the two was joined by the blonde.

"(y/n)! Thank god you're alright!" He turned to Levi, "Sir, I am so thankful for taking care of milady while I was gone" There it is again, the throbbing, the heavy breathing, why is this happening to me, Eren immediately picked me up and hastily went out the building, why didn't Levi chase me?

"Tch, that brat..."
Slowly Drifting Away: Levi X Reader X Eren
YO~ READER-CHAANSSS I GOT A Christmas gift for all of yah <3
Merry Christmas Sign 
XD as you can see, yep I am clearly a hetalia fan XD

Sorry if I've been too inactive lately, before holiday break, I was stressing myself in my studies, all those plates won't finish themselves wont they? XD

Okay, tell me if it's good okay? if not well,, I'll stop. but if it is I'll try continuing it ^^ this is for all of yo anyway Big Hero 6 Baymax (There There) <3 I'll try my best

Snk blongs to: isayama hajime

and you lovely reader-chan belongs toLevi Rivaille (Clean Freak) [V3]   or Eren Yeager (Smile) [V2] 
My first Preliminary Plan by Keira-Giordano
My first Preliminary Plan
<3 but yeah... ik ik I still suck! This is my end of the semester project <3 It's a little amature-ish but I still have 5 years to improve til' I'm an architect.

Yay! I have a tumblr account now~ <3
I might put small extras and little (I mean LONG) time lapses, and it might make the story a bit off track and really lame.
I'm SORRY ;_;




one month later...


The blonde interrupted the maid from her cleaning, she placed her feather duster on the side and proceeded to see why Erwin called her.

"Yes, Boss?" 

"Can you help me with something? I bought something for my girlfriend and I can't seem to choose the one that suits her very well"

He held out two sets of beautifully tailored dresses, one is in baby pink and the other is in pure bright red, both really so cute, "Why can't you give both boss? the dresses all look so well-made, I can't seem to choose which one suits her" She scratched her head, earning a nod from Erwin.

"How about you try one on and in your opinion, try to choose the one you like most, okay?" He smiled.

"O-okay?" she flushed, this isn't the first time Erwin made her try clothes, last time he did that was for her first date with Levi, even though he only let (y/n) borrow it since she had nothing nice to wear for the task and her boss ended up giving it to her.

She tried to put the red one first, it looked a bit racy though, the fabric hugged the curves of her body so well, Hell! sexy suits her well! It was short though, but by the looks of it, (y/n) doesn't really like that much

"W-what do you think B-boss?" Her shaky voice was heard after her trip from the dressing room.

'hmmm... that's the one Hanji chose, but I know 'he who cannot be named' won't like it at all.' he thought, "Go try the other one dove, after that I need your opinion okay?" As she went back inside the other room, Quickly, she peeled off the tight clothing and immediately wore the pink dress, some sort of excitement surely had her inside. The soft vibrant piece of clothing, the sophisticated linings, surely, she knew she really liked this one, 'Boss's girlfriend is a very lucky girl'

"How about this?" She smiled wide, Turning around to let him see the beauty of the dress, and it certainly suited her.

"Perfect, come with me, I need you to help me with work" He hastily told her, "Okay, Let me change first..." Frowning a bit, she was enjoying trying on this dress.

"Oh, Don't take it off, actually can you come with me to pick up something at the office, I have a pair of sandals under my desk, please do wear it for me." He smiled.

"Wait... what? but, I should follow him... He's my boss" 

As she slipped on the matching shoes, she got pulled by the hand. To her, Erwin was acting weird. but to him? well... Let's see about that.

The two had a short car ride to the Survey Corps. Publishing, and with business as usual, employees were rushing in and out of cubicles to get things done. Familiar detergent scents tickled her nose as Erwin led her into someone's devilishly clean office.
"a-ah... B-boss?"

"Sshhh... Hanji called me in this morning, it was an emergency." he said, toning his voice down.

"Why is 'that' an emergency?!" she whispered back, pointing to the sleeping figure slumping over the desk.

"Good luck" He shoved her inside, locking the door from the outside.

Trembling a bit, she took a step near him, 'Oh god, he looks really cute asleep...' She poked his cheek, to others, this is suicide, but this... Levi might be a little forgiving... a little.

"You got some nerve poking my fucking face."

Oh dear.

He grabbed her arm and with some magic ju-ju, suddenly he cornered her to a wall and god knows how hot Levi looks under the dim lighting.

"I-i'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to! Levi- dun kill meehhh!! I'll do ANYTHING!!!" She whined, clearly... scared of what her stoic-faced boyfriend is going to do to her.

"Anything?" he asked, clearly smirking under his glare.

(y/n) she felt a lump inside her throat. "Y-yes."

"Then" he knelt down, "(Y/n), Please Marry me..." He had the lightest chuckle, Her heart dropped and was caught by the man asking for marriage in front of her. "Yes!" she said chirping in joy (and in relief). Soon, Confetti was thrown from all corners of the room. As his fellow employees congratulated the couple, Levi held her hand and whispered into her ear "Well, you look goddamned good in the dress Erwin picked" Making her blush and think about Erwin's great taste for women's clothing, no wonder he's president of the largest newspaper company in the country.

After the laughter and yells calmed down, Levi took off his once in a lifetime smile away and faced his colleagues.
"Now, Who was the bastard who disobeyed my orders to 'NOT' use anything to dirty my office?" 

Everyone pointed to a young tanned brunette and a horse-faced man.

"If I come back tomorrow, not seeing everything sparkle in here, I'll make sure your paycheck wont be so satisfactory inside your pockets." With that, the short man grabbed his new (giggling) fiance and fled the scene.


"What time does that brat goes off school?" He took a left turn, his car humming a straight monotone noise.

"At 3, are we picking him up? we're an hour early" She smiled, "Not yet, I still got a surprise for you"

"Surprise?" the (h/c)-head asked, tilting her head in confusion.

"Well, Truth is, Eri's my kid too" 

"I know" 

"I have the o- WAIT WHAT?" His car slightly staggered, her surprise shocked him more than his supposedly sudden 'announcement'.

"I kind of assumed a month ago," She giggled, making the raven-haired male flustered "His similar looks and how you and Petra knew each other kinda gave it away"

He cleared his throat. Clearly, she has more impressive investigative skills than him, but his pride won't let him admit it.
"Well, the official documents of him being under my car is in that drawer, If you can't win a fight between the Adoptive Mother against the Biological Mother, certainly, That bitch can't win against me anyway, so I took it to court, I won it in merely a week, so there." I swear to god, he was smirking. "He's Finally ours (Y/n)".

Their few sweet moments together was interrupted by the short fits of laughter coming from her. "You said 'Ours'"

His blush was even brighter that the sun blazing over them, they pulled over the Preschool's parking lot, and was greeted by prying eyes. Immediately spoiling the mood, a group of housewives, whose husbands were rich, gathered inside a circle and started the gossip chain.

"Oh my god, there's that whore again"
"Why is he with her? what's good in being a maid? she's poor"
"Disgusting, she even tried to dress up!"
"But I like her sandals though"
"Maybe she stole it from the house she plays 'housekeeper'?"
"What a bitch."

Gossip. Mean things kept spurting everywhere, 'No wonder, her kid wants me to act like he has a goddamned father, last time I was here, same thing happened. Is this how they see her? it's kind of... pathetic, they didn't even try to fucking talk to her...'

He grabbed her hand, hearing harsh words, seeing them being thrown at her, made her tear up. She's the future Mrs. Ackerman, I need to protect what's nearly mine.


One of the mothers' heads shot towards him.

"She's not a fucking whore! I'm with her because I goddamned love her! She's not a thief nor a bitch..." He looked at her, "Maybe all of you should think about it, I know one of you sleeps with men other than your husbands and that's a PERFECT description of a bitch. yea, she's poor, but so what? I'm Marrying her!" 

Dear god, you will never see in broad daylight that a group of grown women cry over the facts rubbed into their faces.

"Let's go?" Levi asked, wanting to avoid the utter wails of these wretched ladies. "Please do" She smiled.


Fast forward!


The two said their I do's and had the sacrament of matrimony at a small private chapel. Surprisingly, they invited close friends, and even Petra, who had been engaged to a rich, successful novelist, She loved him. It was a very hopeful scene for the young lovers. 

"Mommy!!" Eri ran up into his mother's arms, "Hi there kid" she replied.

"So you're finally my daddy?" He asked, making the couple chuckle, "Yes, got that brat?" 

She stood up and held up her white dress, (y/n) then looked at her husband, who was patting his son on the head. "I-I Love you both"

The two looked at her, smiling, tears we're running down her face. "We Love you too" both said in unison as the the two important men in her life enveloped her into a tight embrace.

This is only the beginning of our new lives. She's only a maid, but I love her, I don't care if she's poor or already has a kid, I'm here to support her now, In Her Eyes, Finally, she's found the light.

The End.

In Her Eyes: Levi X Maid!Reader Pt. 6
ykw? I'm kinda happy I'm done, XD but then again. I suck at endings. so I'm so sorry!!Shinee Hug - Taemin and Jonghyun 

If you're not satisfied with my endnig, please to comment below ^_^ I wanna know how you wanted to end In Her Eyes.

Thanks so much for all of you who had patiently waited for me each month just to read every chapter of this series. (Even the crappy lemon chapter)

Arigato gozamasu! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 

(c) to Hajime Isayama for snkNeko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 

(c) Me for the story and all the crap I've made upBonniButt Emoticon 

(c) You, for being the best reader-chans EVER!Neko Emoji-42 (Kawaii Moe Smile) [V3] 
Oh lookie~ by Keira-Giordano
Oh lookie~
hahahahaha I TRIED!

BTW I only colored it, this line-art is made by rika-dono Check out her gallery she's cool ^_^


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I used to do Hetalia inserts, but due to lack of inspiration. I stopped. I feel so Ashamed... SORRY!

Currently I'm making Snk Fanfics, since its my recent focus of interest and my current Favorite ^_^ I enjoy writing them so much!

Thanks for the non-stop Support guys!!!

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Not all my art is posted here on dA, since I'm mostly active on Facebook and Instagram.

If I do decide to open commissions, I PROMISE I'll do my best (I mean that kind of best that if I'm not satisfied... I'll do it over and over again). If you are following me on instagram, I post most of my 'scribbles' art there (which I will be soon posting here on dA)

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